Guide users through the maze of procurement

ORO's simple, self-driving experience is built for employees to work effectively and efficiently with procurement and stakeholders.

Empower employees to create purchase requests, easily.

Incredibly easy for employees

Streamline all procurement steps & approvals

Full process visibility for requestor and stakeholders

Simplified user experience for any task

Be it purchasing software, services, equipment, or even parts, our processes make it easy to submit requests. ORO boasts of flexibility that makes each experience an amazing one.

Start to finish easy procurement workflows

Go far beyond approvals with ORO. Our smart, context specific workflows facilitate deeper engagement between procurement as well as other stakeholders.

Workflows that integrate with your existing systems

Our workflows function well with your existing P2P, CLM, Sourcing, ERP, Risk, and Quality systems. Got a custom homemade one? No problem, we pair beautifully with any application.

Full visibility into procurement process

Get a bird's-eye, 360° view of every step (and substep) in the process. ORO ensures transparency, so all your employees can be on the same page, making it easier to monitor progress.