Seamless Supplier Experience

Streamline supplier onboarding and comprehensive lifecycle management with efficient data intake and maintenance, incorporating legal and financial risk assessments, as well as diversity and sustainability evaluations.

Powered by ORO smart procurement workflows

Optimized Supplier

Streamline and accelerate onboarding for all suppliers with adaptive processes. Collect essential information without overwhelming them. Automated data enrichment, risk assessment and compliance checks ensure efficient and secure onboarding.

Enhanced Fraud Prevention
and Risk Management

Safeguard against bank fraud by integrating advanced fraud prevention measures with streamlined supplier screening. Utilize global validations and intelligent data checks to authenticate suppliers and banks effectively. Incorporate comprehensive risk assessments across cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, data integrity, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors, leveraging specialized risk solutions and intelligence services for optimal protection.

Scaled Supplier
Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire supplier lifecycle, from onboarding to off-boarding, with scalable and comprehensive solutions. Use data-driven optimization for assessment and engagement, ensuring agility for evolving business needs. Streamline onboarding with adaptive data collection and automated compliance checks. Continuous monitoring and risk assessments, supported by real-time data and analytics, enhance supplier performance and compliance.


To validate a supplier

110 hrs

saved per request


automation achieved

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Integrate with any technology stack

ORO’s integration framework is powered by iPaaS, enabling seamless integration into any tech stack and data source, regardless of customization or complexity.

The smart procurement workflows

built for everyone

ORO's smart intake engine directs any business user to a compliant process.
With ORO, you guide any business user through even the most complex purchase request with ease.