Zero fraud in supplier bank payments

Prevent fraud attempts, reduce the time taken to screen suppliers, and achieve compliance.


Powered by ORO smart procurement workflows


Protects against social engineering attacks


Authenticates user, bank & confirms authorization


Reviews the assigned high-risk requests using callback

ORO takes less than 30 seconds to verify the vendor’s email and bank details with trusted data sources.

Head, Demand 2PO - Global Process Owner @ leading life sciences company

A global life sciences leader quickly integrated and configured a complex Risk Assessment process using ORO smart workflow across different systems, teams, and regions.


To validate a supplier

110 hrs

Saved per request


Automation achieved


Why choose ORO?

Composable risk-scoring model

Verify your supplier bank update requests in seconds with automated AI fraud check and bank account ownership validation using trusted data sources.

With AI and data on the lookout for lookalike domain, email compromise, and fraudulent bank accounts, an aggregated risk-score generated by ORO sends requests suspected of fraud for human review automatically.

Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot

Smart queue management

Auto-triage and assign callback tasks to the appropriate queue to scale vendor operations.

Set conditions for the routing based on your business context like region, category, and estimated spend.

Achieve compliance and audit readiness

Establish risk management specific to your compliance requirements and set conditions for the bank update request based on the risk score.

Keep a clear log of AI fraud checks, bank validation, routing requests to teams for callback verification, and supplier record updates in the ERP system, thanks to automation.

Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot

Smart workflow from start to finish

Submit a request to create or change supplier bank details using ORO self-service portal and sit back as the request gets processed.

The workflow takes care of AI fraud checks, bank validation, routing requests to teams for callback verification, and updating supplier records in the ERP system.