Master supplier onboarding with ORO

Onboard suppliers in a fraction of the time with a thorough, compliant, and automated process.

Accelerate supplier onboarding across all spend categories

Safe way to collect supplier information

Remove manual effort and time

Easier for users, suppliers, and all stakeholders

Smart workflows to onboard suppliers

Include AP, risk assessment, procurement approvals, financial assessments, and other actionable points in the process. Right steps executed every single time, no duplicate effort.

Streamline supplier information collection

We provide a simple & safe way to collect W9, certificates, payment details, diversity, sustainability and any additional information. ORO adds another dimension to supplier security.

Easy for suppliers

Supplier experience in ORO is designed to be a piece of cake, keeping a zero learning curve in mind. No complex supplier profiles, just a seamless experience across all devices.

Maintain an accurate, clean master vendor file

Eliminate reactive, manual effort with ORO. Our AI-driven approach corroborates information with trusted sources, identifies approved suppliers by region, and removes duplicate entries on the fly.