Buying made easy for all

Craft customized, intuitive procurement experiences from demand to payment with speed, compliance, and intelligence. Understand the context of each request to more efficiently address strategic needs while ensuring adherence to compliance standards.

Powered by ORO smart procurement workflows

Self-driving workflows enable more efficient, collaborative, compliant purchasing with a personalized user experience and smart decision making

Procurement Front Door

A single entry point for all request types, offering a smart and progressive intake process, collaboration capabilities, and complete visibility from request statuses to invoice payments. Tailor the experience to meet specific needs across categories such as software, services, R&D, and marketing.

Buying Channel Guidance

AI-powered intake ensures users are directed to the correct channels through intelligent navigation, including process steps, systems, risk assessments, and stakeholder groups, right from the start. This enhances accuracy and efficiency, improves user experience, optimizes team involvement, and accelerates the entire procurement process.

Integrated Oversight and Analytics

Unify data and processes within a single platform, enhancing end-to-end traceability, integrated oversight, and analytics. This seamless integration accelerates procurement, providing real-time visibility for informed decision-making and comprehensive reporting, so your team can prioritize strategic initiatives, boost productivity, and maintain governance.


transactions driven by fast path enablement 

110 hrs

saved per request


automation achieved

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Integrate with any technology stack

ORO’s integration framework is powered by iPaaS, enabling seamless integration into any tech stack and data source, regardless of customization or complexity.

The smart procurement workflows

built for everyone

ORO's smart intake engine directs any business user to a compliant process.
With ORO, you guide any business user through even the most complex purchase request with ease.