Streamlined Compliance to Reduce Fraud

Manage spend better, simplify audits and mitigate bank fraud with ORO.

Integrated risk, compliance, and procurement

ORO's smart workflows guide the user through the required steps across all the processes and GRC systems.
Integrated Risk, Compliance and Procurement

End-to-end visibility

Bring visibility & transparency into every step (and sub-steps) in the process.

Delightful user experience

Enable your business users to submit both simple and complex supplier engagement requests with ease

Friction-free supplier onboarding

Collect supplier documents, share scope details, trigger real-time risk verification checks for AML, OFAC and other debarred lists, and activate touch-free sync to your ERP for vendor setup
Integrated Risk, Compliance and Procurement

Enforce compliance across all spend

Enforce compliance across all spend

Simplify audits and mitigate fraud

Orchestrate and ensure compliance to your processes

Smart Procurement Workflows to Ensure Compliance

Easy to configure, ORO enables you to expedite supplier onboarding, simplify vendor management, reduce financial risks, and ensure compliance for even your most complex purchase requests.