Prequalified suppliers for better scope

Collaborate with prequalified suppliers on strategic projects and scale operations beyond purchase orders.

Empower R&D for supplier co-innovation

Streamline supplier qualification, onboarding, and management processes via a self-service user interface to lay the foundation for efficient manufacturing.

Continuous qualification for quick start supplier projects

ORO's continuous qualification capability automates tasks to prevent supplier or project management delays.

Gain comprehensive supplier controls

Onboard suppliers and conduct due-diligence checks quickly, along with cleaning up your master vendor file with AI-enriched supplier profiles, via ORO’s powerful process designer.

Enrich supplier profiles & detailed scope of use

Easy to maintain qualification and compliance requirements & approvals for scope of use by category/ material down to the factory level.

Achieve manufacturing process breakthroughs

Optimize your manufacturing processes

Ensure quality production with fewer delays

Strengthen your supply chain